Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing with Cookie Stamps

Finally made some cookies and used the new Stampin' Up! Cookie Stamps (#125152). They come with two recipes and I made the sugar cookie one (the other is shortbread). The stamps works great. I have some other cookie stamps that are a clay and often have troubles with them sticking to the dough but no problems with these rubbery stamps! Even though you roll the cookie dough balls in sugar, I dipped the stamp in sugar just to make sure it didn't stick at all.

I tinted the dough to make it orange but didn't use quite enough and it is a lovely shade of peach.

When I do these again I will make the balls a bit smaller as these turned out huge! Otherwise very happy with the results.

Another neat idea that I may try is using the cookie stamps with chocolate and fondant as shown in the photo below that I did not make. This photo is from a video on Stampin' Up! about the Cookie Stamps.

Happy Stampin' (and bakin')-


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