Monday, January 28, 2013

Embossing Folder Tip

Was wanting to add an embossed border on the flap of an envelope with one of the embossing folders from the Needlepoint Border set.  Since these are too wide to go in across they have to go in the long way and then you can't open up your envelope to just emboss the flap and if you run it through with the cutting pad on top (as you would normally) then you get lines where the edges of the folder are. 
What to do?
I was thinking of making a cardboard piece to run though that would fit just over the center of the folder covering the embossing but then I looked and there was a paint stir stick on my craft table and it looked just about the right thickness!

It worked perfect.
Who knew.  A cheap (free) new tool!
Will have to stock up on paint stir sticks.

Happy Embossin'-

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