Sunday, September 13, 2015

Greetings Thinlits and Tear & Tape Adhesive

Enjoying how easy to use the Tear & Tape Adhesive is.  Remember the Red tape that was so hard to get the backing off to expose the adhesive?  This is so easy!
When using word thinlits you can just apply a glue but sometimes that gets messy so I was wondering if I could put the Tear & Tape on the back of the paper and cut out my words and then have a non messy way to adhere the words...
and it worked!
Cut a piece of cardstock a little larger than your thinlit and apply a strip of Tear & Tape on the back of the paper.  For this one strip would do but I suppose you could use more.

Make sure that you put the thinlit on the side of the cardstock without the Tear & Tape.
Run through your Big Shot to cut it out.

Now you have your word with adhesive already to go.
Just peel off (comes off so easily!) and adhere to your card front.

Happy Stampin'-

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